We have a very active and supportive group of parents who consistently work hard to raise extra funds for both schools.

The focus and aim of both CHJS PTA (Cunningham Hill Junior School) and CHISS (Cunningham Hill Infant School Society) is simply to help our children, raise money and have fun at the same time.

During the past few years we have helped to refurbish the infant school library, extend the playground to create a quiet garden and on an ongoing basis purchase the latest IT equipment for children to work with.

Some of the events run by CHJS PTA and CHISS include:

  • Quiz evenings
  • An annual May Fair
  • A festive afternoon with a visit from Father Christmas
  • A cake sale for each year group
  • A coffee and cake morning for the new parents
  • An annual Christmas Fair
  • A Family BBQ

Sharing in our children’s education is important to all of us, and by effective fundraising we can assist the federation financially, and support it whenever it is appropriate.

CHISS can be contacted via or join the CHISS Facebook group at

CHJS can be contacted via or join the CHJS PTA Facebook group at

For more details about the Infant and Junior school PTA’s please check the School Calendar


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PTASocial gives you the chance to sign up to help at events and lists what events are coming up.