Welcome to our School

A message from our Executive Headteacher, Ms J. Elbourne-Cload

We believe that our schools must keep alive the enthusiasm which children show for finding out about the world around them. Success or failure will not be in what children know, or the lists of facts which they can recite, but in their enthusiasm for learning and their ability to discover for themselves, not only as they leave junior school but throughout their lives. Success for your children will depend on our partnership – parents and school working together. We hope that you will join with us to develop close co-operation and mutual understanding. You are always welcome and will find us ready and willing to help.

Cunningham Hill Infant and Junior schools are two-form, county co-educational day schools. The aims of the schools are reflected in the willingness of the children to share, work collaboratively and support one another’s successes. They respect one another and are willing to accept responsibility for self and others. They display a caring attitude, show courtesy and self-control and have high self-esteem. They share the whole school’s commitment to high expectations in all areas of their personal development.

Cunningham Hill is a happy, lively place, in which children are encouraged to take pride, care and interest in every aspect of school life. The syllabus is organised at speeds suited to respective abilities, so that those who work at a higher level are encouraged to do so, while those who find academic work more challenging get the help and support they need.

At both schools, we do our utmost to remove any barriers to learning. We pride ourselves in providing our pupils with a wealth of extra-curricular and extended opportunities that support children’s learning, enjoyment and participation at school.

A pleasant atmosphere exists, and contributes to a good community spirit. Children enjoy coming to school, but at the same time understand that we require high standards of work and behaviour. We have established excellent relationships with those who work and learn at the school, and find ourselves in close harmony with parents, governors and the local education authority. Parents are positively encouraged to take an active part in the education of their children and play an important part in the day-to-day life of the school.

Both the Infant and Junior school is also part of the Local Schools Development Partnership – the lead school is Fleetville Junior School and Vista is employed by the Partnership to provide and broker a range of services for children and families.

When it comes to the our provision we consider our four key curriculum drivers, which influence everything we do.  For more information, please see our curriculum pages.




VISION STATEMENT: Cunningham Hill School is a centre of excellence for happy, caring, confident and independent children who achieve their potential both socially and academically. Staff, pupils, parents and governors at the school show mutual respect, good manners, commitment and a feeling of friendship and community.

AIMS: To provide an inclusive and stimulating learning environment, where all members of the school community feel secure, happy and confident.

  • To encourage the full development of each child, according to his/her individual ability and aptitude.
  • To ensure that every child has equality of opportunity, irrespective of ability, gender, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, Special Educational Needs and disability or social circumstances. To overcome any barriers to learning our children might experience during their time in school.
  • To foster a sense of friendship and community through effective home/school partnership in which we are all valued, encouraged and supported.
  • To provide an enriching broad and balanced curriculum which motivates our children by providing them with enjoyable and challenging opportunities to fulfil their individual academic, creative, musical and physical potential.
  • To enable our children to acquire knowledge, skills, understanding and aesthetic awareness, within a framework of positive attitudes and high expectations.
  • To develop in all our children a sense of personal and moral responsibility to the wider community.
  • To prepare our children to take their place in a fast changing adult world: including an awareness of the social, cultural, emotional and spiritual needs of others and the effect of technological advances.