Remote Curriculum at Cunningham Hill

At Cunningham Hill, we have strong systems in place in event of needing to move to remote learning.  This information will hopefully clarify how learning will be provided in the different circumstances.  We will teach the same curriculum remotely as we would in school wherever possible and appropriate.  However, we may need to make some adaptations, such as moving to project work in some subjects.

School/Class Closure – Home Learning Arrangements

In the event of class/school closure, we move to an online system for delivering the learning to our children. Work will be set each morning via Google Classroom in the Juniors, SEESAW in KS1 and Tapestry for Reception and then work should be uploaded to the respective platform.  Children will receive daily work in English and Maths and weekly work in the other subjects. In addition to this, there is an expectation for the children to read daily and do regular maths number work using Numbots (Infants) and Times Tables Rockstars or Numbergym (Juniors).  It is a government expectation that primary-aged children will receive and undertake at least three hours of work (Key Stage 1 & EYFS) and four hours (Key Stage 2) per day during periods of closure and the work provided will reflect this.

We will provide learning in a variety of ways in order to keep the work interesting and help with the increased workload that learning online entails.  Some examples of our remote teaching approaches:

  • Seesaw activities created by Class Teachers and those shared by teaching community
  • Google Classroom based activities which utilise Google Suite to present and submit work.
  • Recorded teaching – Oak Academy, Khan Academy , BBC Bitesize etc.
  • Links to websites which will provide recommended ideas
  • Long term project work for certain subjects
  • Tasks on online platforms provided by the school such as LBQ, MyMaths, Purple Mash, Times Table Rockstars, Numbots, Renaissance Reading

Work can be presented in various ways.  It can be done directly on the platform itself or on paper and then a picture of it submitted.  Teachers will be checking and assessing everyday so it is important to try to keep to handing in working daily as they can then feedback where necessary.  Children will be able to send messages to their teacher via Classroom or SEESAW if they need help.  It is important to note that the work set is not optional and must be completed unless and staff will contact parents if the work is not being submitted regularly.


This video will show you how to upload an observation at home on to Tapestry


Use this SEESAW Guide to help you set up Seesaw at home.

Google Classroom

Use this Google Classroom Guide to help you login from home

Any technical issues with logging in and using these systems, please contact us on

The Google Notice can be found HERE



Additional Useful Home Learning Resources

BBC Bitesize – Lessons full of videos, quizzes and practice activities to help you with home learning

White Rose Maths – Free access for all with short daily lessons and activities.

The Maths Factor (Carol Vorderman) – Free to try for 21 days

The Wilderness Foundation – The Wilderness Foundation have launched ‘Wildtime’ activities to keep you and your family focussed, fit and entertained.

Active Fusion – Become a ‘PE Parent’ and help your children fall in love with PE all over again!  ‘PE Parent’ free resource pack available to download.

CBeebies Games – A variety of games for all.

Beanstalk – Live, Interactive Online Classes for Kids 3+.

Twinkl– Teacher-created planning and assessment materials and teaching resources.

Oxford Owl for Home – An award-winning website from Oxford University Press, created to support children’s learning both at home and at school.

NASA Kids Club – Lots of space related activities for all children.

Top Marks – A range of activities here but especially good interactive activities for maths

Nrich – Maths investigations and challenges to broaden Maths understanding

Classroom Secrets Kids – The platform is aimed at primary aged children and covers subjects such as maths, reading, grammar and spelling. It is really child friendly so that they are able to access it on their own. There’s loads of game and interactive activities from phonics to SAT’s.

National Geographic Kids – This is a great platform for learning and is totally free. There’s online games, resources and competitions too.

MathShed – Maths skills support

NCETM – Maths skills support

Cosmic Kids – Active skills support

BBC Teach Supermovers – Active skills support