At Cunningham Hill Infant School we aim to nurture a love for music from the outset which will start children off on their life long musical journey. Music makes an important contribution to the life of our school so we celebrate, promote and encourage it not only in weekly music lessons but across our whole school in classroom learning, music appreciation assemblies, extra-curricular activities and in termly musical performances and celebrations.

We aim to offer an inclusive, compelling and engaging music curriculum, in line with National Curriculum and Early Years objectives through fun opportunities to sing, listen and explore how to play and compose and fostering a nurturing environment where children can help each other through peer learning and feedback. We want our children to experience a diverse range of Music to celebrate our community and the wider world so they look beyond their own musical experience by listening to music from a variety of historical periods, styles, cultural traditions and genres, being encouraged to identify themes and articulate areas of likes and dislikes.