RE Intent

Our RE curriculum aims to ensure that our learners develop as tolerant young people with respect and understanding of the views of others, including the beliefs and practices of religions and other world views. We want to recognise and celebrate the diversity of religious and worldviews in Great Britain, including those views represented in the religious make up of our school and community. We encourage our learners to look outwards, building on their own experience, to recognise and explore the diversity which exists within and between religious traditions. We aim to make RE lessons engaging, creative and thought-provoking, challenging all children to aim high. We want our learners to develop their Religious literacy, understanding the human experience of religion and belief and the development of skills for expressing these experiences and their Theological literacy, understanding the big concepts upon which religions are founded and the development of skills for expressing these concepts.


We have chosen Kapow as the scheme of work to deliver RE at Cunningham HIll.  This started January 2024.