We encourage all our children to take part in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and ask every child to attend at least one club per term. Clubs offered vary each term depending on the requests of the children. Clubs are targeted at differing age groups – some may involve a small charge. The clubs letter and timetable will be sent out to parents by Arbor at the end of a term for the new term for children to sign up to. 

After school clubs finish either at 4:15pm for Infant School clubs, or 4:20pm for Junior School clubs.  No child is allowed to remain for a club after school without written permission. Only Year 5 or 6 children (who have previously shown a parental letter of consent) should be walking home without an adult unless special permission is sought from the Headteacher. Occasionally outdoor clubs may be rained off and although parents will be notified if there is enough time allowing, the person in charge of the club will engage the children in an indoor activity instead. If you are at all uncertain if a club is on don’t hesitate to contact the school.


Summer Term 2024

Timetable – Summer 2024