Music Intent

Music makes an important contribution to the life of our school so we celebrate, promote and encourage it in our curriculum and extra-curricular activities. We aim to offer an inclusive, compelling and engaging music curriculum, in line with National Curriculum objectives. We want each child to aspire to sing, play, compose, and improvise with confidence to the best of their ability, providing regular opportunity for live performance. We build on the diverse musical activities, interests and experiences of our school community, both in and out of school, challenging all children to aim high in their performing and composing. We listen respectfully to each other, offering praise and constructive criticism. Learners are given the opportunity to look beyond their own musical experience by listening to music from a variety of historical periods, styles, traditions and genres, being encouraged to identify and articulate areas of likes and dislikes. We want children to be actively engaged in making music in all their lessons: listening actively, improving their singing, working collaboratively in groups, notating their music and using a variety of tuned and un-tuned percussion and ICT.