Part of becoming ‘future ready’ is the development and mastery of the skills to communicate, solve problems, collaborate with others, be creative and manage ourselves and our working habits.  In the Infant school, we use the Building Learning Power approach, devised by Guy Claxton, to develop our learning skills in order to succeed in our education and prepare for the next stage in our lives.     This is intergated in to everyday class life and develops our children’s aptitude to learn.

Principles of Learning Power

  • Creating a culture in classrroms to develop habits and attitudes to enable everyone to become better learners
  • Provide skills to allow children to face difficulties in learning in different ways
  • Develops confidence
  • It is established in everday teaching and supports all aspects of school life.
  • Provides clear skills for children to use in their understanding of how they learn.

With our curriculum driver of Peronal Wellbeing, we promote developing our minds as well as our bodies.  Like exercising, strengthens you body’s muscle, BLP helps to exercise your learning muscles to grow in strength and stamina.  We focus on 5 ‘Learning Powers’ which are dispostions need to learn succesfully.


The children will learn how to stay locked onto their learning, the importance of never giving up and the benefits of learning when getting un-stuck.

Relationships (Reciprocity)

The children will learn how, why and when it is best to learn on their own, with a partner or within a group and develop the skills they need to be a valued member of a team and a learning community.


The children will develop their ability to ask and answer questions, use resources around them to help them with their learning, make links between the different areas of their learning and of course, use their imaginations!


The children will learn how and why they learn and will be encouraged to regularly look back on their learning to see whether they have met their targets and objectives. They will be asked to think about future targets and areas for improvement.


We added Risk-Taking to our learning powers as we want our children to be willing to try new things and tackle things that seem hard with the knowledge that we they are free to develop from difficulties they face on the way.